Powers Lacrosse Page

I started playing lacrosse in '99, for Thomas Jefferson, my high school. I play defense, and a little bit of long stick middie. I now play with a soft mesh Proton head on a C405 shaft.

Spring '01

My first real season of collegiate lacrosse is going pretty well. I wear #30 now, note the change from HS. Im writing this following the one weekend of home games we have the entire semester. We opened up a with a trip to California for spring break that was off the hook, and then had a bunch of road trip weekends. At this point we have wins against Stanford (9-7), U.C. Davis (11-5), Georgia (15-2), Illinois (19-4), Georgia Tech (19-8), Colorado (16-14), Tennessee (19-8), NC State (17-2), and South Carolina (19-2). We have losses to Cal Berkley (11-13), Sonoma State (7-10), Michigan (8-9), and Auburn (9-10).

Getting pumped in the locker room before the SELC championship game in Nashville
Here I am riding against South Carolina, in the foreground.
A shot from our regular season game against Auburn. (I'm somewhere in the bench area)
The team shaking hands w/ GA Tech. (the 3rd VT player from the left is me)

Fall '00

I'm playing for Virginia Tech's Club Lacrosse Team and that has been a lot of fun, as well as teaching me lots of new stuff. We had a tournament at VMI that went ok. We played Catonsville CC and beat them by a respectable margin, and then proceeded to lose to Radford Varsity by like 3, a game that we should have won.

Summer '00

Well we ended up 7-7 this year, and got to the 2nd round of districts, but lost in the first round of regionals. I had a pretty good season I guess, got a fair amount of PT and a lot more experience. I plan on playing club lax at VTech when I get down there.

TJ Varsity '00

It being my senior lacrosse season, and on varsity, I plan on leaving it all out on the field. I'm doing well in the D rotation we have going, and I think I might put up a game analysis for the games we play this season. Check out the TJ Boys Lax Homepage (link at bottom) for our schedule, directions, etc. Here is a pic of me, my parents, Coach Joe, and Monty Montez on Senior Night. Here are the team picture and my picture from senior year.

Advantage Fall League '99

Fall league is just as cool as summer league, for many of the same reasons. I'm still running LSM most of the time, which is pretty sweet. My skills have gotten a lot better, and I keep getting these urges to just take the ball to the freakin' cage. Passing it off to a middie or attack guy works better most of the time though. But one day......... watch out keeper.

Advantage Summer League '99

Summer league is pretty cool, cuz you have games on weekdays so it breaks up the monotony of work, which is really cool. You get mad PT, and it great because I'm building a lot of skills. I run pole for a while just about every game, which is cool, except for the running part. Defense, however, as always, rules above all other positions. It'd be great if more people would show up for games though.

Virginia Tech Men's Club Lacrosse Homepage

This is my current lacrosse team's homepage. New information should start showing up as we get closer to the spring season, since that's when we play most of our games. Check it out.


This is a pretty cool lacrosse page. Its a combination of an online magazine, bulletin boards, link exchange, and it has a lot of other cool stuff as well. Its worth the trip, trust me.

Thomas Jefferson Lacrosse Homepage

My HS lacrosse team's homepage. Information about rosters, games, directions and stats. Worth the visit.